financial service

Financial services

Financial service organisations must learn how to use data effectively, establish the right metrics, process and reports to drive the right discussions, at the right time.

CPG  Retail

Retail & CPG

We help retailers and CPG organisations across the value chain. Our portfolio of services helps organisations to identify, acquire and retain their customers.

Consumer Goods


We help E-commerce organisations across the board in managing their web operations and creating a transparency at each transaction, customer and product level..



The use of analytics in each and every industry is going through a transformation. From being just a source for reporting it is moving towards being an asset for intelligence..


data service

Analytics Technology Services

Cleanse, enhance and transform data across the enterprise through a cross-functional, cross platform...

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sales and marketing

Sales & Marketing Analytics

We provide analytics solutions to manage the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition to retention...

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operational analytics

Supply Chain

Demand forecasting, sourcing management, transportation and logistics optimisation, inventory analytics...

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organizational analytics


Risk reporting, finance analytics, HR analytics, social media analytics, intelligence dashboards...

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What Analytics?

Our Analytics services provide newer and deeper insights into your business through advanced statistical tools and algorithms by analysing complex data and embedded relationships both internally and externally. We can provide you a superior competitive advantage by improving your understanding of your customers and your business and thereby help you strategise significantly better and faster in capitalising on your opportunities and mitigating your risks.

What analytics

Why Analytics?

Analytic solution enable timely and actionable insights and help improve both top line and bottom line.

Why analytics


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