About Us

The nascence of Y lies in the fundamental belief that in order to add value one should be exposed to associated risks and opportunities.

Y is founded by a group of individuals who share an entrepreneurial mindset, a compelling passion to create and, most important, an unwavering belief in our business model which is embedded in our culture and safeguarded as we evolve.

People who work at Y are bound by some very simple, but clear mantra’s:

  • Enjoy what you do & do what you enjoy
  • Build on quality
  • Be triggered by variety but maintain focus
  • Invest in your beliefs and ideas
  • Take responsibility and ownership

To experience Y is to experience professionalism and rare quality in an environment of creation, change and guts.

If you would like to know more about us, connect with our clients or partners or feel that together we can create value, in any way, then we invite you to connect and experience Y.

That's our Y.