We are always looking for talented individuals who love data science and want to widen the horizon of data science in all directions and make it part of everyday life. We are small organisation where each member is handpicked and we are very proud of the team we have built. Employees are our strength and we intend to keep it this way FOREVER. We believe in our people and we look after our people. We invest in you and your future because you will define the future of YDatalytics.

Whether you’re an experienced professional or a promising new talent, you’ll be challenged at YDatalytics by the work you do, your team and the clients we serve. You’ll be constantly learning, and your ideas will be welcomed in an atmosphere of collaboration, teamwork and fun at work.

If you ..

  • want to be part of YDatalytics
  • think how companies use information and data will be crucial in defining their future
  • see yourselves playing a role in this journey
  • if you believe you would fit in at YDatalytics
  • can add something new to YDatalytics

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