We help E-commerce organisations across the board in managing their web operations and creating a transparency at each transaction, customer and product level. With analytics ecommerce organisations can not only identify and target customers better but can also optimise their operations much better across the supply chain.

Key Issues and Considerations:

Key offerings:

Web Analytics

  • Web Data Management
  • Web Analytics Assessment
  • Visitor/ Customer Analytics
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Digital Experience Optimisation
  • Shopping Cart Analytics

Sales & Marketing

  • Market Sizing
  • Strategic Segmentation & Customer Insights
  • Promotional Campaign Management & Optimisation
  • Marketing Analytics & Optimisation
  • Customer Loyalty Design & Management
  • Customer Experience


  • Pricing Analytics & Optimisation
  • Spend Analytics
  • Procurement Management
  • Forecasting & Planning
  • Sales Dashboards


  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Logistics Analytics
  • Inventory Management
  • Procurement Analytics
  • Vendor Analytics

Social Media Analytics (including Sentiment Analytics)