Financial and Services Analytics

Financial Services

Financial Service organisations must learn how to use data effectively, establish the right metrics, processes and reports to drive the right discussions, at the right time. Whether it is acquiring and retaining customers in the highly competitive financial world or the complexities of risk management and compliance, analytics help the financial service firms get a better hold on their operations and bring improved visibility to make more informed decisions.

Key Issues and Considerations:

Key offerings:

Sales & Marketing

  • Single View of Customer (Customer 360)
  • Strategic Segmentation & Customer Insight
  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing Analytics & Optimisation
  • Customer Acquisition & Pricing
  • Customer Experience Management


  • Regulatory & Compliance Reporting
  • Spend Analytics
  • Procurement Management
  • Forecasting & Planning


  • Fraud Analytics
  • Credit Risk Analytics
  • Risk Scorecards
  • Stress Testing


  • HR Dashboards
  • Employees Sentiment Analytics
  • Employee Productivity / Balance Score Card
  • Recruitment & Attrition Analytics

Social Media Analytics