Organisational Analytics

Risk reporting

Risk Reporting, Assessment and Analytics

Risk-focused business analytics is an important ingredient in developing and sustaining a competitive edge at a time when risk issues affect business strategy more than ever. Our risk analytics services help you in improving decision making, increasing return on capital, accelerate and streamline risk processes, reduce the cost of regulatory compliance and efficiently adapt as risk management practices, client demands, and regulations change.

  • Risk Diagnostics & Dashboards
  • Fraud Analytics
  • Credit Risk Analytics
  • Regulatory Compliance Reporting, Monitoring and Assessment
  • Stress Testing
  • Enterprise Mgmt. Analytics
  • Loss Forecasting Modeling
  • Value at Risk Analysis
  • Risk and Compliance Assurance (solvency, Basel III)
  • Independent Model Validation
  • Quantitative Assessment and Back Testing
  • Liquidity Risk Modeling
  • Asset and Portfolio Modeling
  • Cash-Flow-At-Risk
Finance Analytics.png

Finance Analytics

Finance analytics is fast becoming a must have for all CFOs and provides you deeper visibility into the factors that drive revenues, costs, and shareholder value. Our finance analytics services help you in managing your performance and playing a much more active role as a value adding business partner and transforming the finance function from being a record keeper to a strategic advisor.

  • Pricing Analytics & Optimisation
  • Spend Analytics
  • Forecasting & Planning
  • Performance Tracking & Management Reporting
  • Supplier Risk Assessments
  • Budgeting & Forecasting Variance Analysis
  • Financial Consolidation & Management Reporting
HR Analytics.png

HR Analytics

A Human Capital Strategy supported by analytics is critical in maximising the growth potential of organisation. We bring “science” to the process and thinking around Human Capital. Our HR analytics services help you manage, optimise and plan your workforce not only for today but for the future as well.

  • HR Dashboards
  • Employees Sentiment Analytics
  • Employee Productivity / Balance Score Card
  • Workforce Analytics
    • Workforce Planning
    • Talent Supply Analytics
  • Leadership Personality Profiling (PLP)
  • Capability & Skill Development
  • Change Analytics
    • Required and Current Culture Analytics (CVA)
    • Workforce Visualiser
  • Recruitment & Attrition analytics
  • HR Process Improvement
Social media Analytics.png

Social Media Analytics

  • Brand Perception and Monitoring
  • Campaign Management
  • Hiring Support
  • Sentiment Analysis
HR Analytics.png

Intelligent Dashboards

  • Data Visualisation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Management Information
  • Customised Reports
  • Real-Time Movements